Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Mission President

So sorry I can't answer your questions cause I didn't get any!  (He emailed us really early and we hadn't emailed him yet!) :p hahahaha  But we're emailing super early today cause we wanted to just get it over.  That way there wasn't any stress because, wow, p day is like the most stressful day of the week!!!

So as for things that happened this week.  It was such an amazing week!!  We met our new mission president, President and Sister Clark!!!  They are just great people and I can just tell that this mission is going to be great!!  They focused so much on being so obedient and just making sure that you do everything right!!  Which is perfect because I love hearing stuff about that.  It just helps encourage me to be a better missionary and be more devoted to the Lord!  They are from Illinois but that's okay cause they grew up in Kearns and Taylorsville, Utah!  So that was pretty interesting.  He seems like a great guy cause he drove Porsche's as a job.  He basically was the head lawyer for Porsche so that is pretty legit.  But he really knows the importance of missionary work.  He really placed an emphasis on making sure that the people you are having be baptized are actually ready for baptism.  Which was so good because the importance of this covenant they are making is going to change their life.  So if they don't understand it, we are robbing them of their opportunity!

Our investigator Maylene passed her baptism interview.  So she is going to be getting baptized on this upcoming Saturday.  So keep her in your prayers.  It's so great to see her coming into the waters of baptism! I remember the first Sunday she came to church.  Me and my companion were the speakers.  After I went and talked to our leaders of the church.  They told me that she didn't know how to explain it, but when me and my companion were giving our talks, she just had a weird feeling come over her telling her that this was the right church.  This was the thing that she needed to do to come closer to Jesus Christ and to be cleaned from all her sins!!  So it's just such a great experience to help bring people unto the gospel!!  Also this last week, we were teaching the Carbonel family.  The kids are the most crazy and annoying people ever.  But I just knew that if I went in there trying to really help them, just focusing on the importance of the gospel, then they would understand in their own personal way.  How the gospel of Jesus Christ can help each individual person.  During the lesson it was great because they actually payed attention and answered questions.  They even prayed at the end which they usually don't want to do!  So we had some great progression this week!!

As for P day today, its the zone leaders birthday so we are going to that really nice resort later and then I think after that we are just going to relax and read and just sleep because wow this is some exhausting stuff!!!!!  Oh also something that was kinda sad, is all my friends from the oldest batch (first group of missionaries) was like the last time that I will see a lot of them.  So that was a saddening thing, but they call us their shadow batch because we are the next greatest batch.  But of course the shadow batch always ends up being even better!!  So that is this week!!  Remember to do your daily prayers and scripture reading that is the most important thing that you can do each day!! Love you all!!  Make good choices and remember who you are and what you stand for!! :p  Mahal ko kayong lahat! (I love you all!)

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