Tuesday, July 29, 2014

9 months out

Dear Family And Friends,

So this week was kind of a crazy week!!! We had some great stuff going on but at the same time it was just really crazy because there was a lot stuff that was so short notice that we had to do.  First I'll start off with the crazy thing.  My companion found out his flight and so he left me to go to manila and fly to Australia.  So that was a crazy thing because it was so short notice.  We found on Friday afternoon and he left Saturday morning so we had to hurry and get back to the house and pack all of his stuff to get everything ready for him.  That night was a great night of little sleep!  

It was interesting too because I found out my new companion and he is way cool!! I don’t know how long he is going to be my companion but his name is Elder Emilio, and he is actually from Tonga.  So is way sweet.  He and I are the only ones in the mission that I know of that are foreigner and another foreigner.  It’s really interesting but he is really good at Tagalog also so its totally fine.  We both understand like everything perfectly well so there is no problems there at all.  It's been a fun couple days with him and it’s a blast.  He's really great! 

Clearing some of the land to build a house.

This last week we got some people put on for a baptismal date.  We have a part member family we are currently teaching and that is going pretty good!  His name is Romeo Rivas and we are having great success with him.  The best thing is really the testimony of the mom.  She is great and really wants him to do this so that they may be sealed in the temple.  That really sparked with him and how if they don’t get sealed in the temple then their marriage is only for this life.  What a blessing it is to have the temple!!  Keep Him in your prayers that would be awesome!  

We also had a great Community Service Project with a member to help build a house.  Ya it's pretty sweet.  We don’t just fix houses for service but here in the Philippines we actually build houses!  Hahaha But because of that service, a neighbor saw what we were doing and just asked where we came from and why we are out here serving people and helping.  It was a great thing.  She says that she would like to be part of that and really thinks that whatever this church is, they're producing great young men who go out and serve!!  So that was awesome.  We got a new investigator because of that and she has great potential!!  Her Name is Sister Devine, If you could also keep her in your prayers that would also be great because those 2 are doing good.  We also have 1 more that has been going pretty well and her name is Sister Nika.  Her uncle is the 2nd counselor in our branch and she came to church yesterday.  She stayed and met a lot of new people and had some great friends.  The lessons are going great with her.  We just taught her the word of wisdom and she had great questions about it and why it is so important.  After the lesson she really wanted to understand and said she's going to start living it.  So we will make sure that goes through well!  Those are the 3 best investigators that we are teaching right now that are really progressing well!!  So make sure that you keep them in your prayers!!! 

Also this next week I'm going down to Cabanatuan or actually later today cause we have a meeting with president.  It's MLC/DLC (Mission Leader/District Leaders) so that will be good.  I'll let you guys know how that goes!!  Also earlier this morning we went to a resort of a member and it was such a gorgeous area!!  I took a lot of pictures and videos, so I'll be sure to get those sent to you guys.  But the week has just been good.  Through all the hard times remember that the Lord is right there with us and he's guiding us all the way through.  We just need to look for his hand and he will guide us through everything!  So crazy stuff with the family.  Quinn is gonna be a real boy! (started playing football)  That’s pretty cool!! Tell him good luck with football and to man up and get big! Haha, So that’s pretty much everything here! Remember that I love you guys and the church is true!! Make good choices and remember who you are and what you stand for! :p

New Companion!

Love you all! (:

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