Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Building houses & making friends

Hello!! Dear Family And Friends!

So this week was a decent week!! We didn't get to work to much, just like 4 days cause my companion was sick 1 day.  Plus we were traveling back from the city the other day.  Gotta love 4 hours on a bus through crazy mountains.  It reminds me of Indiana Jones but with no happiness cause it just makes ya feel sick the whole time.  
Building a house

I still love this area.  I don't want to leave!  I have grown so close to the members here its amazing.  Brother Givara, from the show on BYUTV, The District, his family is still here and they are so cool!  It's fun teaching his daughters and wife cause they are recent converts here. So I'm loving the work here! We are still teaching the Carbonel family but it's not progressing too much.  The mom has a learning disability so were trying to work around that to help them!  It's going okay.  The others are doing okay also.  We had a hard week cause only 1 investigator came to church and the attendance was the lowest its been since I've been here.  But it's okay.  I know what I need to do to help them out.  We had a great lesson with a new investigator named Marlin.  He's doing really good and is looking for the real truth.  He said when he reads the book of Mormon he gets this super weird good feeling.  Like the back of his neck gets all tingly and he knows he has to keep reading it.  So that's awesome!!  We are going to keep working with him. 
The mom in me screamed when I saw this!

Then I remembered his sense of humor!
This last week was a great meeting with president.  I learned so much.  I love when he talks you just feel the spirit so strong.  He's really emphasizing being obedient to everything and working with members.  It's so great because it just makes me feel so good about what I'm doing! I'm loving the mission.  Time has shot by so fast.  I can't believe basically most of all my friends have been gone a year.... that's so weird... 

Tell Quinn congratulations from me for making the B team! That's so awesome!! Tell him to email me also! And tell Sydney keep up the great work on dancing.  She is doing great!!  How is Jessie doing?  I'd like to know how she is doing!  But don't worry about me here the gospel is great and the work is amazing!  I love being a missionary! (:  Transfers are coming up next week so I'll find out next Monday at night if I'll be transferred or not.  I've been here a long time but I think I could possibly be staying.  I hope so cause there's so much great potential here!!  But the lord knows whats best!! (: Love you all remember choose the right!!! ayayatenka, mahal ko kayo!! (: (I love you!)

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