Monday, August 11, 2014

Fun week and red faces

So this last week was interesting.... but first it sounds like you guys are having fun with out me and that's just not allowed.  haha  But it sounds like everything is going pretty good back home.  That's awesome - keep it up!

I'm sure this has some sort of inside joke, but I'm not sure what it is!
Sounds like your work is going to have a great big party.  I don't know how that will work if you are in charge.... but who knows miracles happen!   (: hahahah (:  That's cool Sydney is doing great in dance.  That's awesome!!

I can't believe you guys are going on that cruise.  That's so not fair!  I want to go!  But hey I'll just chill in the Philippines.  Sit on the beach and drink coconut water.  That's fair to me! (:

But so as for this week it has been an okay week, we are having some hard time contacting our investigators so its been rough that way.  We had 1 come to church yesterday.  It's a part member family.  The mom is a member so we started teaching her 9 year old daughter.  I have a hard time teaching children so it's fun and an experiment.  But it's good she is understanding it in a great simple way which is perfect!  We had a family home evening this last week and we got Marlin our investigator to attend.  He is doing great and has great questions.  He just has a hard time coming to church cause he always has to work to provide for his family so they can eat every day.  So if you would keep them in your prayers, that would be awesome!!!  Other then that, the branch is doing really great.  They are really trying to make progress here which is just what we need!!  They want to work with us and its great!!

The red face is some sort of game in the Philippines.

So I don't know whats gonna happen to me tomorrow night.  I find out if I get transferred or not so that will be interesting.  I've been here so long but I feel like I'll still be here.  So I'll let you know how that goes next week!!  Honestly I hope I stay and my companion gets transferred, but who knows,.  So it's been hard but I love being obedient and that is great.

Well I love you guys!!  Take care.  Remember the church is true and give all you have to the Lord.  It's worth it!! (:  Tell Jessie Happy Birthday!! I'll write her also... but tell her! (:

Love you all!! mahal ko kayo!!

Elder Hedman

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