Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mahal Ko Kayo!

Dear Family and Friends!!!

So weird to say but not really an eventful week here for me!! The transfer absolutely nothing happened so I'm still here in Dipaculao, in the great tropical resort, so thats pretty cool!!  But wow I've been here a long long time.  Wow, the area is so expensive so that totally sucks.  Things are going pretty good here.  My companion didn't get transferred either, so we are still together.  That's going pretty good.  Of the good stuff that happened, the branch is really starting to get involved in missionary work.  So I'm so lucky and blessed to have that happening.  We have the most lessons with a member present here.  We are now starting to get a lot of referrals from the members and them coming to work with us, so we should be having some great progression here!!  
This week was okay.  We got 2 investigators to come to church, but their both part member families that want their children to be baptized.  That's just whats going on here.  We also got some great referrals and hopefully will find a family soon.  That's what I keep praying for!  Keep a girl named Nica in your prayers.  She has great potential but is having a hard time getting rid of coffee.  So we are still working with her for that!!  So if you could keep her in your prayers, that would totally be awesome!! 
Still working on being perfectly obedient.  I'm not perfect but I'm still getting there.   I definitely see the Lord helping me in everything I do which is exactly what I need.  I started reading the Book of Mormon again last week.  I'm almost done.  I just can't put it down when I start.  It's so great!!  So definitely don't ever forget to read the Book of Mormon.  That's probably the most important thing.   This week President Ardern from the seventy and our area president is taking a tour of our mission so that should be pretty cool!!  It'll be this Wednesday.  So I'll have to travel down on Tuesday.  That will be fun... ya a great long drive through crazy mountains, that's just gonna make me feel sick.  But it will be worth it!!  So I'll let you know how that goes this next week!! 
Other then that not really happened this week at all.  Didn't see anything weird and didn't take like many pictures.  So I'll send those!  But remember the Lord loves you all and the gospel is true!! Love you all!!   Mahal Ko Kayo!

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