Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Still loving the Pines!

Dear Family,

So first off I'll answer all your questions.  So the Philippines is still going pretty good.  It's still crazy but it's still so fun!  I'm loving the time here even though some days its just crazy and so hard!!!  The rainy season did start, but literally nothing has happened in my area at all.  It's cause we are like right over the mountains so all the rain falls on the other side before it gets to us!  So were lucky there, cause in other areas I've heard from other missionaries that they get like 2 feet of water and the house gets flooded.  So ya I'm pretty lucky that nothing like that has happened here!! 

Baler is still gorgeous.  Wow I love the ocean.  It's so gorgeous but it just stinks that we can't get in.  But that's okay, its for the good!! 

The people are good! They love speaking English or trying to speak English.  It's kinda funny.  And I just like give up trying to understand their English.  It's funny but I feel bad cause at times I'm just like speak Tagalog please.  I understand that better then the English.  But they think it's so funny.  The people here are just hilarious and love to joke around which is really good!! 

Also the baptism did go through!  I baptized her it was so great!!  She has such a strong testimony and she wants others to know the importance of the gospel.  So she is actually preparing to serve a mission also!!  That was the greatest thing ever!!  I was just having a bad day.  Then we taught her and she talked about how the gospel is so good and wants to share it with others.  That just made everything better!!  I'll send some pictures.  

Maylene got baptized!

I still have the same companion.  We don't know when he is going to get his flight to head over to Australia.  But that's probably gonna happen pretty soon I'd think!  The Carbonel family is still doing OK.  We found out the mom has no education at all.  So that's rough.  We basically are teaching everything so simple but she just forgets it right after.  So we're still working on ways to help her out.  We have been focusing on working with members a ton here recently.  That has been pretty good.  The members really do have a great desire to work.  They are just way to shy to do anything.  We kinda have to push them into doing stuff.  But after that, they really do enjoy it!  Gotta love doing missionary work!  I really do love it.  Makes me so grateful for the gospel!!  Remember the church is true and the Lord blesses us for when we work hard!! Remember always to be a good example because you never know who is watching us and what they are thinking!!  Love you all remember to choose the right and make good choices!
Elder Hedman

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