Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Typhoon

So first typhoon!!!  That was pretty sweet!  Just like with what you said, we weren't too affected in our area at all.  It didn't really seem like a typhoon.  But it was just a little windy and there was a little rain.  So it was more of a normal day.  But then later this last week, we had a huge rain storm which was pretty sweet!!  It rained a ton!!!  Like so much I was shocked!!  We usually cross a little stream thats like 6 inches deep, but after the rain storm it was like 3 feet deep, or around there.  So it was raining a ton!!  That was pretty sweet but it sucked because mosquito's love the rain.  And so I got bit a ton by mosquito's.  That is just never any fun!!

Having fun at the Baler Museum.

But this last week was a decent week!! We had some struggles with investigators and we are dropping a lot of our teaching pool.  So we can go out and do a lot of finding.  We want to find people who are more ready for the gospel so that's okay!  We had interviews with president Clark and that was so good!!  I just love it, really helps me I get down on not doing the best I feel I can.  But he really helped and it was just great.  I love being a missionary.  It really is the greatest thing ever.  Of course, it's hard at times, but really just focuses you on what is right and what we need to do in this life.  I've loved my studies of the gospel this week.  I read our search for happiness by Elder Ballard.  That was really interesting.  He talked about the word understanding and that was cool.  Now I really know what I need to do to make sure I help the investigators.  Not only to know the gospel, but really understand the gospel!

16th Century Musket.  He thought that was way cool!

Oh my companion leaves me this week to go to Australia.  So I have no idea what is going to happen to me.  So that should be pretty interesting!!  Nothing to crazy happened this week, just the storm.  Not really much to clean up, but it was cool, lots of rain!!! (:   Remember always, the church is true.  Don't worry, I'm doing great here!!  Loving the mission.  Greatest thing ever!!  Love you all! (: Remember to make good choices and remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love Elder Hedman

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