Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sabbath Day

***Sorry no pictures this week.  I'll have to make sure he remembers to send me some this week!

Dear Family and Friends!

So this week was kinda a crazy week!!  Oh OK not really nothing really happened at all this week.  But first off, I can't believe everyone is starting to get back from their missions.  It's so crazy how fast the time is going by.  I feel like yesterday I just left to come out here to the Philippines and now all the sisters from our ward are just getting back from their missions!!!  Also tell Jesslyn congrats on her mission call (Texas, Houston Mission) that is so awesome.  It will bless her life more then she even knows!!!

So this week not really anything happened at all.  This area literally doesn't have like anything to do at all .  So it's not really exciting.  But the work is pretty good so I guess that's okay!!  So we taught like 30 lessons to investigators this week.  That might be one of the highest if not the highest that I have ever experienced in the mission!  So that was really sweet!!  And I guess one thing that did happen this week was we had a broadcast in the whole Philippines.  So the church was in a different spot so that we could watch the area broadcast.  It was really good and there was some great messages that were delivered!!  The only bad thing that we have had such a big focus on here in the Philippines is just people not buying stuff on the Sabbath.  They just don't live it like at all.  And that was a big topic from the conference.  And then after we saw members at 7-11 and buying stuff.  Even leaders do it sometimes.  I'm just like are you serious?  So guess we are still going to be working with them there!!

This upcoming week should be pretty good!  We have a big conference with the 1st counselor in the area presidency.  So I'm looking forward to his messages and just learning from them and seeing what I can do to improve in being a missionary. It's always great when someone comes and tours the mission.  We get a ton of teachings and just learn a lot from what we can do to improve and become better! So I'll let you guys know how that goes!!  I hope that you guys have a great week and remember that the church is true!!(: Love you all!! Mahal ko kayo!!

Ingat kayo!!(:

Love Elder Hedman

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