Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Church is True

So dear Family and Friends! This last week has been a good week!!!

So this last week was transfer week and I did get transferred!!! I am now in Palayan City! It is the capitol of Nueva Ecija, but its got nothing in it at all.  So that's pretty exciting. hahaa  We don't have like anywhere to eat and there is no real grocery store.  So that's pretty exciting!!!  And also I am no longer a Zone leader.  I am just a normal senior companion which is kinda nice.  It's relaxing and I don't have to worry and stress out so much.  So that will be nice.  My new companion is actually a foreigner!!  He's from Salt Lake City, the Woods Cross area.  He's actually coming from the India mission and is just waiting for his visa here in the Philippines before he heads back.  So he doesn't speak any Tagalog but that's fine.  He's way chill and we get along great!!  His name is Elder Hunt, and Samoan, but lived his whole life in Salt Lake.  So he's so cool and he was a zone leader over in India.  So we got some great work ahead of us!!  We have some baptisms coming up the next couple of weeks so that will be really good and I'm looking forward to that!  The area is pretty simple so I think I"ll be able to get in the process of working here really fast.  I hope that makes sense.  I can't remember my English at all.  It's awful.  The work here is going really good and I'm loving my study of the Book of Mormon.  I'm getting closer to finishing it.  I just got to sit down and finish it which will be really good!!  I want to try and finish it then start and finish it 1 more time before I finish my mission.  I think that I can do that. So that's going to be my goal!!!

Also in this area, I am roommates with the zone leaders here.  And Elder Panes and Elder Callister, are my room mates.  Elder Callister was in the same district with me when we were new in the mission.  It looks like this is both our last area.  So we are starting the mission together and are going to finish the mission together, which is actually kinda funny!!  So that's really cool.  I bet you will recognize him from some of the pictures!! 

Also this next next week, we are having a mission tour and elder Bowen from the area presidency is coming here to work with us and improve some stuff here happening in the mission.  It's so exciting and I'm looking forward to that!!  We have some great stuff to study in preparation for that so I'm looking forward to that!!  Other then that, I don't have any meetings anymore, so that's kinda weird!  But it'll be good!!  The people here in this area are pretty cool!  They are nice.  I miss my last area a lot but it's okay.  Just gotta move on and work hard!!  So I'll be doing that here for sure!!  The only thing that is kinda annoying, the leaders here literally don't know what they are doing.  It's kinda funny but wow its just awkward.  It doesn't feel like church.  We like run it and it was my first week.  So that was kinda annoying but that's okay.  I'll just learn from it and improve myself and it will keep me focused so I don't get so trunky!! hahaha  I can't believe everyone is getting home now.  That's so weird!!  But I'll still be here working hard to the end.  Or trying to at least!! haha  I love you guys.  Hope you all have a great week and remember that the church is true and it's the most important thing that we focus on in our lives!!  Ingat kayo!!

Mahal Ko Kayo!!!(:

Love Elder Hedman!

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