Tuesday, June 30, 2015

3 Baptisms

Dear family and friends,

So this week was a good week!!!  It was kinda crazy at the same time!!!!  So on Monday, we got a call at night from our mission president.  He told us that my companion, Elder Hunt was getting emergency transferred.  That was probably the worst news.  Him and I got along so well and we were like best of friends so it was awful to see him leave.  We had no problems at all and it was so hard to have to get a new companion.  But I will just push on and work hard. 

So my new companion his name is elder Au and he is from Hawaii.  He's a pretty nice guy and he's new in the mission about 6 months.  So it's crazy.  I got called by president and I just got to help him learn the language better.  And help him adjust to loving the culture and the people.  So that was pretty exciting and I  guess that will go well.  I will keep you guys updated but so far we haven't had really any problems just annoying at times... haha but that happens. 

So the work that we have had has been so good!!  We had the 3 baptisms this last week and it was so awesome!!  They were great and were super excited to get baptized which was awesome.  It was cool seeing their desire to follow Christ and make a good choice!!  So now we are moving on and working with our next people who are progressing and should have another 2 either the 2nd or the 3rd week of July!!  So just keep working hard and focusing on helping the people come unto Christ and it's so great!!!

So as for my personal study, I'm in Moroni.  So I'm almost done again which is really good.  And then I will be starting one more time to try and finish it before the mission ends!!  I have learned so much and just see everything from such a different perspective!!  The gospel is truly the most incredible thing and as we focus on it and just work hard to do the best and put the lord first in our lives, we will see so many blessings!! 

Remember na mahal ko kayo!!  Sorry if this email is a little short!!!

Hope you guys have a great week!!(:

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