Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday America

Dear Family And friends!

So, first off congratulate everyone that got their calls for me!! Tell them I'm excited for them!! And tha'ts so sick that Brigham applied for a mission!!  That's sooo awesome.  I'm so happy for him!!  Hopefully I'll be back before he heads out.  That would be so awesome if i could see him before he leaves!!  Dang!!

So this week was just like a normal week for missionary work!!  Sorry I don't have to much to report about!!  We have 2 baptisms coming up the next week probably on the 18th.  So that's really good news and we are working hard to try and get them ready for their baptism!!  Sorry if I like run out of stuff to say.  I just never know what to say. haha  I'll probably plan better emails next couple weeks!!  But something that was spiritual this week was that we were talking about how the gospel is like a gospel of becoming a better person and just living a life more like the saviors life.  And I was thinking back to how much that I have changed while I have been here out on the mission.  And I was like dang - the mission really does change people!!  I do stuff now and I feel like I have a lot more patience then when I did when I first got out on the mission!!  I can't believe how much that I have learned in the last 2 years.  I feel like it's coming so fast.  I  have like 3 months left and I feel like I'm still new here it's so crazy!! 

I've loved learning more about the gospel for sure while I've been out here on the mission.  I hope to continue that on even when i get home!!  I was thinking about it the other day.  I feel like I know the book of Mormon so well and just the doctrines in it.  Plus I have learned so much about the bible at the same time!!  I can recall so many verses just like off the top of my head and basically feel boss!!  haha  It's so fun.  The gospel is just such a great thing and I've loved seeing myself change and thinking about the things that I used to do and seeing the big change in myself!! 

A goal that I have been setting for myself is just to work hard and push myself to the very end!!  I want to be super diligent and get my goal of 30 baptisms for the whole mission!!  Right now I'm at 26 so I have to work hard and not let it slow down in order so I can achieve all the things that I think do to reach my goals!!  So I'll let you know how that's going!! Remember that I love you guys and its a great time to be a member of the church!!

Ingat kayong lahat!! mahal ko kayo!!

Elder Hedman

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