Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Basketball and a sweet blessings

*** the pictures in this post are from a Missionary Mom that went to pick up her son in the Angeles mission.  They kept running into Elder Hedman so she sent me some pictures.  How awesome is that?!

Dear Family and friends,

So this week was a basically a normal week!!  Nothing too exciting really happened.  Just the normal missionary work!!  But I can't believe everything going on back home!!  That's so exciting that everyone is getting back from their missions and everyone is leaving!!  I'm glad that Jessie went to church.  That's so awesome!!  So important!! 

So tell Brigham, good luck for his call.  I hope he gets called to the Philippines because that would be legit.  haha...So the mission here is going really good!!  This upcoming week is transfer week.  So my batch is now officially the oldest American batch in the mission.  It's so crazy.  I can't believe how fast the time is going by!!  We just have 2 transfers left!!  I'm kabahay's (room mates) with an elder from my batch, Elder Callister.  We were talking about it and it's so crazy how fast everything is going by and just working in the mission and seeing everything change.  It's still the greatest thing in the world though for sure!!  The mission is the greatest thing!!

So as for the work here, we are getting some great success still!!  We do have 2 baptism this upcoming week on Saturday.  One is a part member family and he's just a little child.  But the other is an older man who just has been looking for the gospel and just never found it.  And then we found him and he has just been so obedient to everything that we have shared with him and helping him come into the fullness of the gospel.  He has dropped every problem that he had and is actually trying to help the other people in his family and his kids follow the teachings of the church even though they don't want to become members.  So that is really cool!!!  It's still probably the greatest feeling ever, seeing people change their whole life style to just put the life in harmony of the teachings of the church! 

Shocking.  He's playing basketball.  He never did that at home (insert sarcasm here!)

In other news, we have interviews coming up with president soon and I'm looking forward to that.  That's always one of my favorite things.  I get to ask some good questions and just get some good insight!!  I really love our mission president.  He is just such a good leader and really inspires you to be better and try to become a better member and live the gospel more fully... so I've really enjoyed that!! 

Remember the church is true and to follow all it's teachings!!  Tell Sydney I said congrats on her first temple trip!!  I can't wait to go to the temple with her when I get back!!! I love you guys!!

Ingat kayo!!

Mahal ko kayo!(:

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