Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2 Baptisms

Dear Family and Friends!!!

Woah..... that sounds like the busiest week in the longest time!!  I can't believe that Austin got home and that Easton got home!!  Holy cow... it's just like it was yesterday.  The time has flown by sooo fast!!  Wow!!  Tell them I said congrats to them!!  I can't believe Brigham got his call also!!!  I'm sad that I won't see him!!!!! That sucks so bad!!  But I know he will do great there in LA.  That's so cool he's serving in Los Angeles, California!!  Tell Jesslyn I said good luck on her mission.  I'd like to have her email so I could email her if that would be okay!!!

So this week, first I'll answer your question about the package.  I haven't gotten it yet.  But I'll give the office a call and see if it got there so I can get it soon because I'm low on money.  hahaha  So I'll do that later today!! 

So the work here was really good this week!!  We met a new investigator and his name is Emil.  And he is really awesome.  I didn't really think too much of it at first just cause hes a youth.  I don't like teaching a lot of youth cause I just don't feel like they take things to seriously here.  But then I was shocked when I walked into church and then like 3 minutes later he came walking in with 2 of our recent converts!!  They brought him to church with them and that was so awesome!!  We got him to accept a baptism goal date for August 22.  So that's pretty exciting!!!  That was a great highlight of the week but of course one of the best highlights of the week was the 2 baptisms that we had!!  Tatay Virgilio and brother Mark Anthony got baptized this last Saturday and it was so awesome!! 
It was funny because Mark Anthony loved it and asked if he could do it again.  And it was just kinda silly but he's such a smart guy!!!  And then probably one of my favorite things was hearing tatay's testimony after his baptism!  He was so excited to become a member of the church and he just bore a straight incredible testimony of how his whole life he has been just looking for the gospel.  And then when he first met the missionaries he said that just it felt so different and he felt like he needed to follow everything that they were going to teach him.  So he did that, and now he is a member of the church and he says that he couldn't be any happier!!  All his family as in brothers and sisters are members also so they are really excited for him because he has now also become a member of the church and so that was just a great thing to see.  The branch actually did show some support for him when he showed up for his confirmation.  So that was really great.  I think he felt he was really welcomed into the church!!!

So I would say those were the good highlights of the week!!  We did have transfer week this week but nothing happened to me and my companionship.  So that was a little shocking but I had a feeling that nothing would happen to us.  So that was good.  Interviews with our president haven't happened yet but I'm sure they are coming up in the following weeks.  So I'll let you know about that when that comes!!  Thanks for your guys support and I love you guys!  Remember that this is the greatest work there is and to put the gospel first in our lives and it will bless us more then you can even know!!!

Mahal ko kayo!!

Ingat kayong lahat!! (;

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