Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hey sorry!  We had to go to Tarlac to talk with president so my email is late today!!  And I really have like 10 minutes to email!!  I'm sorry!!  So I'll just send you a short email and maybe send pictures next week!!  Again, I'm sorry!!

This week was kinda really rough.  I'm going to be stepping down as a zone leader so that might help I  think.  I'll let you know more about it next week for sure because next week I'll actually be able to email which will be really nice.  And I won't have like any reports so that should be good!!  But this week was pretty hard because the person that was supposed to get baptized in our branch, she actually turns up not to be married.  It's against the law of chastity and she leaves today actually to go to another country for 2 years.  So we were hoping that we could get her baptized before she left to go out of the country but it looks like that didn't happen.  So that was really sad and hard.  But I know it was part of the plan that our father has for us.  Me and Elder Surio had a pretty good week though.  We have 3 people who are 95 percent sure going to be getting baptized in the next month, which is really great!!  So that is really good for this area and I'm excited for that!!  I said goodbye to the members this last week which was hard!  I love the members here in this branch and they are really good!!  So I'm going to miss them!!  The work here is good and it's still a great area though!  We had some struggles this week with getting people to come and sit in on the lessons and finding the best time to teach our investigators.  This next week there will be changes so I'll let you know what is going to happen there!  I love you guys!! Sorry this email is short.  I really have like no time at all.  So I'll let you guys know next week and I'll email you next week!!  Have a great week.  Tell Sydney happy birthday also again!! (: 

I love you! 
Elder Hedman

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