Tuesday, August 11, 2015

May May baptism

Dear Family!

So it sounds like home is going great!!  That's good.  I can't believe how fast the time is going by.  I was thinking about it and I can count the weeks on my hands... that was shocking!!  So the week has been pretty good!!  I am just lazy in typing cause I know I'm coming home soon and I can just tell you guys whats happening... hahaha   But this week was actually a really good week!!  We managed to find a lot of new investigators with some great potential for the upcoming weeks!!  One is named Loreine, and another is Jay Bee.  They are 2 investigators that I feel have some great potential to be baptized in September!!  So that would be awesome if you could keep them in your prayers!!  We taught Tatay Jay bee about the word of wisdom .. and he said that it's a great thing to know that there are things that we should get rid of.  So he's starting little by little to start being more like Christ and to follow the commandments.  So that's just an awesome thing to see!! 

So this week also we had the baptism service for May May and that was so awesome!!  It was kinda annoying though because it was supposed to start at 2 o'clock so we showed up and there was a ton of people at the church.  The branch president didn't tell us that there was a meeting that was going to be happening.  So we ended up waiting for it to end, and the baptism didn't even start till 4:30.  And then it was just like super fast because the branch just isn't the most supportive.  But we are working with what we have.  So we will keep it up and just do our best!!  But it was great hearing her testimony of how the Book of Mormon has helped her and seeing how she just loves coming to church and being with some of her friends there!!  So that was definitely the highlight of the week!! 
Can she be any cuter?  Reminds me of my cute nieces that live in Colorado!

When is our cruise again??   hahaha  I'm stoked for that!!  But I'll be continuing to be working hard till the end!!   It's a great thing and I've seen so much changes in myself and just seeing how much more spiritual I have become!!!   I haven't used the debit card yet but I'll probably use it later.  It would be nice to know also how much is on it!!(:  Thanks and remember that I love you guys and I'll see you guys in like 57 days!!(; haha LOVE YOU!
What is up with the black socks and striped tie? 

Love Elder Hedman

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