Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Power Outage

So Dear Family and Friends!!!

Sorry first off, I don't have much time at all.  The power has been out the whole entire day!!  So that wasn't exciting at all!!  And it just got back on so we rushed here to the computer shop so that we could email!! 

So this week was really good.  We ended up having 3 investigators come to church and are looking to help them get baptized in the upcoming weeks!!  Probably in September!!  So that's really exciting!! The ones that came to church was Sister Loreine, Sister Ladylyn, and Tatay Jaybee.  So if you could keep them in your prayers, that would be awesome!!  Um other than that, this week we had zone conference so we all met in Cabanatuan.  But it's just so different.  (He's not a Zone Leader anymore)  It's so much training and we didn't get to talk much with the other missionaries like at all.  I didn't get to take any pictures or sit and talk much... it's like 5 minutes after its over we are all headed back.  So it's good for training, but its literally it's just stuff that I have heard over and over again.  So that's kinda interesting.  It just makes it harder to focus I think.  But I'll keep working hard till the very end!  Can't believe how fast the time is going by!  But I literally just still love being a missionary.  It's so great and I'm enjoying it so much and having such a great time!!  It's such a great experience to be able to share the gospel!! 

Also in other great news, I finished the Book of Mormon again this week!!  So I will try and finish it 1 more time before I come home!!  So I'll keep you guys updated there.  I guess I got a lot of reading to do so I can start working on that!!!!  Gotta love the Book of Mormon!  Sorry this is kinda short, the power going out just kinda messed everything up!  But remember I love you guys and the church is true!!!(:

Love Elder Hedman

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