Monday, August 24, 2015

Short & Sweet

Dear Family!!

So this week, I don't really know what to talk about!!  Nothing really happened this week!  Just normal work and it was pretty good!! (:  We had 1 investigator come to church and that was pretty good.  It was kind of  sad that only one came but the others slept in and so they weren't able to make it and said that next week they will come!!  So that was okay I guess.  Hopefully this upcoming week we can find some new investigators.  We are running out of people to teach.  So we gotta do some great finding because we need some new people to teach!!  So we will probably be focusing on that in the upcoming week!  And this week is transfer week by the way!  So it's going to be my last transfer.  So I guess I will find out who will be my last companion and where I will be!!  I think though that nothing will happen to me and I'll just stay here with the companion I have!  That wouldn't be to bad so that's okay!!  We have hopefully 2 baptisms coming up in September but it depends on their word of wisdom and how their church comes along! 

Remember I love you guys!! Sorry nothing really happened this week nothing to exciting!!! (:

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Hedman

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