Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lazy Sunday Email

Dear Family!!

Sorry, I kinda feel lazy this week in emailing.  So this email might not be the longest!!  Sounds like everything back home is going great.  That is awesome to hear!!  I'm so stoked still for Brigham to be serving a mission.  It's the best thing in the world.  And the best thing that he could possibly do.  That's for sure!!  So this week we had a pretty decent week!!  We had the interview for one of our baptisms.  And this upcoming Saturday we are going to be having another baptism.  I'm really excited about that.  Her name is May May.  She's a part member and she's going to be getting baptized.  She's really excited so that's really awesome.  It's always a great thing to have baptisms!!  I hope this won't be the last but for now, we don't really have anyone else progressing.  So we are going to be working on that and helping find new people and helping them get to church!! 

This week we also had interviews with our mission president.  That was so good.  I was excited and we got to talk for a bit but nothing too big.  So that was just kinda normal.  Just kinda a normal week.  Sorry nothing super exciting.  I don't feel like emailing for long today.  Maybe next week I'll send a more indepth email!! But I did get your package.  I'll probably get it tomorrow.  The office called me and told me that it's finally here, so thats good news!!  So thanks for sending that and getting it out!!

Remember na mahal ko kayo!! Ingat kayo lagi!!(:

Love, Elder Hedman

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