Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pizza and coconut milk

Hmm....I think they are having fun!

So this last week was a fun week! Ya it was great talking to you guys! Sorry for all the weird stories about the crazy stuff we do here in the Philippines!  Hope you don't get to worried.  It's just a crazy island, so its fun!!  Also I have grown to hate mosquitoes so much.... like the other day I was on exchanges.  I woke up in the morning and I had 17 mosquito bites on 1 arm.  I was like what the heck is happening.... it was so awful!!  So I hate mosquitoes with a passion.  I kill everyone of them that I  see.  Sorry that was a little random.  Just thought I'd let you guys know!  (I asked if he needed more bug spray, his answer....Nah I'm just too lazy to use it hahahahaha)

So I had 2 exchanges this week and it was pretty sweet!  I went with our zone leader again from Tooele, Elder Park.  He is way cool and definitely one of my favorite people in the mission.  He's at 21 months, so he's pretty close to going home.  When we went on splits, we had a great lesson with some investigators about the restoration and why it was so important that the gospel was restored.  He said my Tagalog is going really good and I'm way advanced for how far I'm in the mission.  I just need to ask better questions sometimes!  haha  But still working on asking inspired questions so that was fun!!!  Also I was a speaker in church yesterday.  So that was pretty sweet.  That helps my Tagalog when I get to speak to the people in only Tagalog.  But the best part was, we had 1 investigator who came to church.  I wasn't really expecting her to come so I was so happy.  And afterward she talked to the first counselor in our branch and she told him that she doesn't know what it was, but when she was listening to our talks, she just sat and listened.   She had this weird feeling that was so amazing and she couldn't explain it.  Then she said that she knows that this is the true church, so that was definitely one of the most amazing things ever!!  Just goes to show the Lord really is helping everyone and is mindful of us all!!  So remember that this church is true always!!

The monkey reminded me of Jessie so i took a picture... (: (his words, not mine!)

So for P day today we played some way funny games at the church.  But I didn't take pictures, only some videos.  So you'll have to wait for those.  But after we went to a resort and just baught some american food and sat on the beach looking over the ocean.  And eating some good food!!  That was pretty sweet!!! So transfers are actually this week so I will find out what happens later today.  I will let you know about that next week!!  Remember that I love you guys!!! Remember the church is true and Elder Hedman is the best missionary!! Love you all!!!
Good ole' American food!  Looks good!

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