Wednesday, May 28, 2014


May 21, 2014

Elder Hedman

Dear Elder Hedman:

Congratulations on your appointment as a Missionary Trainer! It is very gratifying to me to see the effort you have put into your own development so that you have qualified yourself for this very important position.

You will have many opportunities for Church service, but none will demand a greater example of worthiness, obedience, faithfulness, leadership, or love than training a missionary. I earnestly pray that you will understand the magnitude of this stewardship.

Provide the needed example by following mission rules with exactness, read the handbook each week, study, pray and follow the daily schedule established in Preach My Gospel. Be diligent in adhering to the proselyting schedule and do all things necessary to provide a foundation of lifelong faithfulness for this new servant of the Lord. Someone who needs your strength and leadership will now constantly observe you and follow your example.

You are well aware of the need for your new companion to immerse himself in studying Preach My Gospel. Be faithful in helping this new missionary to study hard and complete the 12-week training course for new missionaries. In addition to the 12-week training course one of the most important things you can do as a trainer will be to teach your trainee how to follow the recommended Preach My Gospel schedule, including quality daily and weekly planning sessions, as well as effective personal and companion study. I urge you to hold an evaluation together regularly. Strive for open, thoughtful communication. Listen carefully to those things your companion wants to say--and perhaps is not able to say without your help and encouragement. Love and encourage love. Be diligent in these things and in your work, and you will be blessed beyond measure.
You are a fine missionary! I pray for your success and that of our new missionary in this new responsibility.


David C. Martino

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