Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Yo Family was up all, so.... i don't feel like writing a ton of stuff because I'm just gonna be talking to you tomorrow when I skype! So I'll let you know more about the investigators and that stuff tomorrow!

So now I'll just let ya know about the fun stuff because lets be real, I'm in the Philippines.  It's pretty freakin fun!  Sorry i never really realized but i say freakin a lot.  Woah it's kinda freakin weird.... hahaha oh gosh I'm funny.

So this last week was a pretty good week we had some great lessons got some good oyms (Open Your Mouth's), and that was pretty good.  I'll let you know more about the investigators tomorrow.  But today, earlier in the day, we went to a place called Mother Falls.   Wow was it so freaking awesome!!  It just sucked cause we couldn't swim at all but that was alright! I took a lot of pictures.  I'll send them to you guys.

It was pretty cool cause actually like 2 days ago I was just chilling outside of our apartment in a duyan, which is a hammock, and it was like 10:00 at night.  Then I was reading and a car pulls up to our house.  This is weird because there are like no cars in the Philippines unless your mayaman, or rich.  It was 2 Americans!  I was like "Woah what is this craziness."  But it was 2 returned missionary's who came back to visit their areas and just look at the Philippines and do the fun stuff here!  One was the assistant to the president and the other was like a district leader also.  They are so cool!  One actually teaches at the MTC in Provo and the other is up at Utah state.  I got some pictures with them and they hung out with us on p day and went swimming.  So we were all jealous! The one up at Utah state looks like "Thor" so he's way chill.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna find him up at Utah state.  We have made plans for this. It's gonna be really cool.  So that was an interesting experience that happened!  

The returned missionaries swimming and having fun!

District leader was nothing really new.  I just have to do more reporting and follow up with the people's work in the area.  So that isn't too bad. Just get to serve harder but that means more blessings for me.  So I'm down for that!!  The investigators are okay and the branch is alright.  There's like 90 people about at church.  That's at the most, so it's kinda small.  But we have a set meeting house but its not a church. So that's about it for the email cause I'll talk to you guys tomorrow! Love you keep up being good and remember the church is true!

The returned missionaries used his camera and had some fun underwater!  Luckily it is waterproof!

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