Monday, May 26, 2014


Yo homies.... So this week was a crazy last week not to much got done with the work because we had transfers and when we get transferred from the farthest area we have to travel for like 2 days to get there.  So on Monday night I found out I was still going to be in the area.  I was totally okay with that because the area is like way gorgeous so that was way cool!!! But I also found out that I was going to have an anak!!  That means that I have a child in the mission.  So I am now a trainer in the mission and a district leader.... oh great more responsibility!!

So it was fun cause I got to travel all the way to the mission office and pick up my trainee.  He is a really cool guy.  His name is elder Allapitan.  He is actually assigned to the Australia Brisbane mission but he is waiting for his visa.  So he's here while he waits for it.  So that was pretty cool!! There are some cool people that came into the zone so that's pretty fun!

This morning on p day we went to another resort and the just played football on the sand on the beach. That was way cool cause it was like way nice sand so it was super fun to play football.  I miss American sports!

Nothing really exciting happening here besides the fact that I am a trainer now.  Just means more responsibility and I get to make sure everything is going okay and make sure that he doesn't be pasaway. (which means disobedient)  So nothing really to new here!! I actually don't have the most time because we are heading down to Cabanatuan for a meeting with president, all the leaders of mission are going.  So I have to get ready for that.  So sorry it's not the most long email ever!  I will send a bigger one next week with stuff about the area and the stuff I have been learning about the gospel! Oh I'll tell you the story with the kid in the wheel chair.  So he is actually a member and he is way cool.  He was baptized almost like a year ago.  We teach him as a recent convert and he definitely knows the church is true.  He is way cool.  He just wants to do the right thing and loves having fun!  So about 3 weeks ago, when we had the open house for the church out here in Baler, he said he wanted to come.  So we were able to get him in a car of a member and take him down.  Actually a couple missionary happened to attend to see if they could help any of the members out here, and they saw him and worked with him.  So that was his brand new wheel chair that he can actually use a lot better!  So that was way cool to see the blessings of being obedient to the gospel!! Because he desired to go to the church to help others, he ended up meeting people who were able to get him into a brand new wheelchair and one that is a lot easier!!  It just goes to show that the church is true and when we are obedient that many blessings will follow!! Remember the church is true!! love you all!!!

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