Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Dear Family and friends!

Sorry the packers lost... that's okay, BYU is still winning.  That's totally awesome!  That's so crazy Valesca is home now.  That's cool she got to go see Josh (her brother) in the MTC (Missionary Training Center). That's pretty lucky I'd say. haha  That's cool you guys got to see that re-dedication of the temple!!  That's awesome.  I miss the temple so much.  I want to go so bad.  That's definitely one thing that's changing when I get back.  More time spent at the temple for sure! 

So here nothing really new! We got hit by that other typhoon.  It was worse than that first one.  But mostly just a lot of wind.  So we got text-ed saying to go back to the house.  So that was fun.  Nothing too bad happened here but I heard other areas of the mission got flooded a bit.  So that sucks.  

But as the work here, it's going great!!  Obedience brings blessings so always be obedient to the commandments because it brings blessings!!  We had 5 investigators at church.  One should be getting baptized this Saturday.  That's brother Cristobal!  He's doing great and has the most amazing testimony ever about changing his life around.  It's so amazing.  So I'm so excited for that!!  Then we have some others who are getting ready for October.  We have a part member who is 9 years old.  She's a little girl named Jasmine.  She is so smart for how young she is and just so nice!  She keeps telling her older sister about her baptism and how excited she is and it's so funny!  So that is going awesome as well!!  We even have people come to church we taught before that we didn't think would come.  We had one who really wants to get baptized but the mom is so against it all.  So that stinks.  But she is coming to church and attending seminary even though we aren't allowed to teach her.  So keep her in your prayers for the moms heart to soften up!   Her name is Anjelica.  

Warning! Don't stay in this area!
Also this week is transfers and I'm 99% sure I'm not getting transferred since that would pull out the missionaries here and the area would start again with new elders.  So I'm pretty sure I will still be up here in paradise, even though its been like 6 months now.  But that's okay.  I'll be getting a new companion.  A real full time missionary.  So that will be cool!!  Other then than just studying the atonement of Jesus Christ, is the most amazing thing in the world.  I'm never gonna stop studying that because there is so much to learn!! Remember that the Lord blesses us for working hard and doing what is right!!  Love you all!  Mahal ko kayo (I love you)!  Huwag kayong maging pasaway (don't be disobedient)!   Ingat ka lagi (be careful)!!

Elder Hedman

Fashion statement?

Loves Dr. Pepper!

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