Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Comings and goings

Alright, so this letter won't be too long because not really much has happened this past week.  But this was an interesting last week.  My companion, Elder Emilio, leaves me later today to go to Tarlac because he's going home.  So basically I'm joining 2 other elders in another area in our zone just for a couple days.  Which will be super fun because one is a brand new American.  So that's gonna be awesome.  Because I'll be with like a brand new American.  So I'll get to have some fun!!  haha 

But after that, I think on this coming Friday or Thursday, our BML (Branch Mission Leader) from our area is going to be a short time missionary.  So that is going to be pretty funny!!  He is a way cool guy and a returned missionary.  But him and I get along great because I've been in this area forever! He is an awesome cook.  So I'm so excited to eat something that's not just eggs and noodles.  But that's basically the news with what is going on here!! 

Also this last week we had 4 investigators come to church and one is doing so amazing!!!  His name is Val Cristubol and his wife is a member.  He never ever wanted to go to church.  But 2 weeks ago he was just thinking and he wants to change his life around.  So we are working with him.  Now he just wants to get baptized and start progressing to grow a family in the gospel!  He has come to church 2 times in a week now.  Just is doing everything that he needs to do to change his life around!!  So if you could keep him in your prayers, that would be awesome!! 
A Philippine Picnic

But that is basically this week cause we didn't get to go out to work cause my companion was sick and can't walk to well.  So basically I studied and tried to go out to work whenever we had some priesthood.  Something I've been studying a ton is the atonement and about grace.  Wow,  I have learned so much.  Basically my whole perspective of the gospel and ordinances have changed.  I have learned so much!!  So always make sure you study the gospel everyday!!  It's worth it and the Lord will bless you in countless ways you couldn't even imagine!! Love you all remember the church is true!! Work hard!!
Elder Hedman

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