Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Service Project

So this last week has been a interesting week!!!  First off your pictures look awesome (we went on a cruise) and that's so cool that the people from the cruise ship were from the Philippines.  That just means we have to go on another cruise when I get back!

So this last week I worked in another elders area for 2 days and that was pretty fun.  We got some work done!  But then I got a new companion and his name is Brother Ellorin.  He is just a short term missionary.  He is from the branch that I'm working in so he always would work with us anyways but knows he's actually a missionary.  He's a cool guy and he's a RM (Returned Missionary) so we get some really good work done.  On Saturday we taught like 11 lessons and it was awesome!!  We just get some great hard work done here!!  On Sunday we had a great sabbath and had 88 as our attendance which was so awesome!!  At the beginning I was so worried cause not a single investigator showed up!  But right as it was starting, we had 4 investigators show up which was awesome.  Then the others one that didn't are pretty sure they're going to be able to next week! So we are having some great work going on here!

On the 27th of September we should be having a baptism.  But we really gotta work hard to get him to understand all the lessons.  His name is brother Val Cristobul.  So if you could keep him in your prayers, that would be awesome!!  Then we also have 8 people that have a baptism date in October.  So if everything goes well, then we could be getting a lot of great great work here done!!!  So keep the people in your prayers that would be so amazing!!

Service Project!  They handed out flyers about immunizations in the area.  A great way to remind people to get their immunizations!

Not really much else happened this week.  Later today, I'm going down to Cabanatuan again so 4 hour ride through the mountains.  We have a mission conference with the mission president.  So that will be fun!!  To be honest I'm just really excited i get to eat McDonald's again in Cabanatuan!  I'm sure I'll learn a lot of great stuff also!!   Haha  So that was basically this week.  Nothing to weird happened and nothing out of the ordinary.  Just constantly no electricity because of brown outs, which just means there's no electricity.  There is actually no electricity right now but we found some place that has a generator so I'm lucky I get to email right now! Haha  So make sure you guys work hard!! Love you all!!

Elder Hedman

(As we emailed each other back and forth, he said sometimes this place just stinks.  Worried Mom in me gave him some encouragement, told him how much we loved and missed him, etc....He emailed me back with the following:  Hahaha I don't think the being here stinks or the people!  This place is literally awesome... but some 70 or 80 year old guy just walked into the internet cafe and he is literally not wearing like anything but a little flap thing that covers his front and back... and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna throw up.... so its kinda disgusting... hahahahahahahaha)

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