Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Typhoon Kalemaegi

Hello family and friends!

So sounds like you guys had a good week!!  I can't believe that Nicole got her mission call.  That is so awesome.  She will be a great missionary!!  And that's so awesome, Josh heads out this week!!  I'm so stoked for him!!! Hahaha  I think that's the same mission as Jeff Newbold... so that would be pretty cool!!!  I can't believe Valesca comes back this week.  I'm pretty sure it hasn't been 18 months.  But then again I've been out for 11 and I feel like I just left like last week.  Wow time sure does go fast!!! 

So here in the Philippines, not to much going on!  I guess... haha   So me and brother Rey have been doing great!  He cooked some food for us and it was delicious.  So that was awesome.  But it was just like some simple soup.  I usually just buy fried chicken cause its like 50 cents a piece or like 20 pesos.  So I'm like okay, that's awesome.  But then I  buy too much so I run out of money fast.  But that's okay.   hahaha. 

So as for church attendance this week, it was interesting.  I was kinda nervous because of the typhoon that was coming, but I'll talk more about that later.  So we had 4 investigators come to church and it was awesome!!!  Val Cristobal did come to church which was awesome.  I was so happy because he just totally wants to do this so badly and truly is doing everything we ask.  He's pretty much the golden investigator!!  It's so awesome.  The Lord truly does prepare people if you go out and search and work hard!!!  So that was awesome.  Then we had another guy come who's name is Marlon Calob.  It was the first time he came.  I was, to be honest, kinda shocked.  We only taught him on Wednesday and didn't see him after that.  It was a short lesson cause weird stuff happened.  But he came to church!  So the Lord truly does answers prayers so that was awesome!! 
So the work this week was just a pretty good week!!  This upcoming week we have no meetings so that will be awesome.  A full week to work!!  Also before I talk about the typhoon, we had zone conference this last week.  It was so different from anything we have done before but it was awesome!! It was more interactive.  We focused a lot on coming back to basics.  Which was great because I think sometimes missionaries, including myself for sure, get way to caught up in going deep into doctrine and stuff.  Just cause it's so fun!! But we talked about working in Preach My Gospel (A Book on Basic Principles and Missionary Work) so much more and the Book of Mormon.   It was amazing after we started applying that to our work.  It was awesome and we had some great stuff going on!!  I know it's because of the basics.  'Cause that preach my gospel is incredible.  It just has so much great stuff in it!!

So about the storm.  It was hyped up to be a lot more then it really was. haha  Yesterday we weren't allowed to go out to work after 5 pm because of the storm.  So we just sat inside the house.  Literally, I was like what on earth?!  It was just a little windy and got some good rain.  But I think we could have gone out and worked but oh well.  So it wasn't really that bad at all.  The electricity didn't go out so it was basically like any other day in the Philippines.  So don't worry about me here.  Nothing bad happened in my area.  But I'm not sure about the more northern part.  I think it got worse up there.  But those are different missions, so I'm not sure what happened there.  But here we are all fine.  I was looking forward to a flood in the house and walking through water but it didn't happen.  I guess that's okay though because the safety of the people here is more important then me walking around through water!!!  So that was basically this week!!  Take care!! Mahal ko kayo!!! (:
Elder Hedman

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