Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bright shoes and India

Dear Family and Friends!!

So as I can tell by your guys email to me, I guess you heard the news....

So yes, this week was transfer week and some kinda crazy stuff happened to me!!  So I'm actually going to be staying in my area.  I'm not moving at all but my companion got transferred which was kind of shocking!!!  And I got the message that I was going to be training a new missionary!!  I was like, are you serious - I have 6 weeks left and this is what I'm going to be doing?  At first I was like super shocked.  But I found out and this is actually pretty cool, he's actually not like a new missionary.  We call it hosting here.  If you remember, I was companions with an elder from India... and this elder is also from India.  He just got here so I'm the one that's kinda showing him around and helping him adapt here!

They look orange, but he said they are red.  Holy bright, batman!

So first off, his name is Elder Farr.. and it's actually pretty cool!!  He knows Brigham (his cousin) a bit. And he knows Gage Davis (our neighbor)!!  He went to Riverton high school and is from Riverton - just real close by!!  He is a big soccer player and he's super cool!!  And so it's not that bad at all.  He is really fun and we get along great!  But I thought that's pretty cool how for my last transfer, I get to be with someone that I can kinda relate too just because he knows a lot of the stuff I  do!!  I really think it will be a fun last transfer!! 

The work here overall is doing really okay.  We got like 10 new investigators this week!  And we had 3 investigators come to church this week so that was really good!  And we are working with them.  We have a possibility of 1 baptism in September and so I'm going to try and work really hard for that.  It would be really cool to have 1 more baptism before I go home!!  It's crazy to think that I'm going to be leaving soon.  I was extending some baptism goal dates this last week and I extended them for after October 7 and I was like - woah.... I won't even be there for that. It makes it harder to work, but also gives me some good inspiration to work harder and finish out strong.  So I'm trying and I'll continue to do my best while I'm here!! Remember that the church is true and wish Brigham good luck for me!!! Tell him I'll miss him!!

Elder Farr, his new companion, is in the back sitting next to him.

Ingat kayo lagi!! 

Mahal ko kayo!!

Elder Hedman

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