Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Thanks for the love you tools.... :p

(That was all I got!  I was so sad.  But then I realized, he didn't get my email I send to him.  I accidentally sent it to his google email instead of the one for his mission.  Luckily, we forwarded the email and he got it later that day or the next day and sent us a "real" email.)

I have to get on to send this thing in to the office... so I'll email you quickly!!

Ya sorry, I just didn't get the email!  But I'm glad you guys didn't forget me!(:  I was starting to think that you guys had forgotten me.  I was like - oh no I guess I'm just gonna get off the airplane and I'll have no one there to pick me up... haha  But the week was actually pretty good!  We had 3 investigators at church!!  Tatay Jaybee was there again so he's doing really well and is progressing! There will probably be like 3 baptisms in the area for October, but I'll be back in America by that time so I wont be here for them.  But it's always good knowing that you are leaving the area progressing and helping people move towards baptisms!!  That was awesome!!

Elder Farr and I get along great.  He is an awesome guy and it's still so weird to me that they live so close by!  It's kinda cool!!  But he's a fun guy and we get along great! 

So yesterday, I think I sent some pictures home.  We went hiking for p day and we went to this sweet waterfall.  So I took some pictures.  It was really cool but we had to walk through some rivers!!  They were kinda fast also.  I slipped and my knee started bleeding.  But I remember that you would probably just tell me to suck it up so I decided I would!(:  I didn't even cry!(: Hehe... (:  So that was really cool and it was a blast.  We went as a zone so it was some good zone bonding and the zone here is so fun!  I can't believe how fast the time is going by.  I have 3 weeks left and I'm back in America.  It's so weird to me!!  Sorry that I didn't email you guys.  I just thought you didn't email me so I thought I'd let ya know how it felt!(; haha (: <3

But I do love you guys and I'm glad you are doing good!!  Sorry this is a weird timed email but remember the church is true!!  The work here is going good and I'm trying my best to work hard till the very end!!(: (:

Mahal ko kayo!(: 

Elder Hedman

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